Brick Paver Maintenance

 Brick Paver Maintenance 


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Antonelli Landscape, Pools & Spas will not only design and build your project but we also are experienced in maintenance.




Why did I  have a paver install 5 years ago and now I have problems with settling?
Antonelli can repair your brick pavers as well.  Unfortunately some people have been burdened by bad work ethic and irresponsible foundation preparation.

What’s under the surface?
Your base preparation is the most crucial element when installing brick pavers, retaining walls and all other outdoor structures especially with Michigan winter weather conditions.

Some paver products and designs may look similar but what’s under the surface?
There may be a big difference! Be assured that Antonelli Landscape, Pools & Spas will provide you with all proper base depths required depending on the type of project we are installing.

What are some of the benefits to sealing brick pavers?
By sealing brick pavers it will enhance the brick paver color and protects the pavers from fading, making older brick pavers look new! Sealing also stabilizes the joint sand so washout will not occur.

Ask us about our Yearly Maintenance Programs which include the following services:

Brick Paver Maintenance Landscape Maintenance
  • Brick Paver Powerwash
  • Brick Paver Sanding
  • Brick Paver Sealer
  • Brick Paver Repairs
  • Property Cleanups
  • Tree & Shrubbery Trimming
  • Bed Preparation mulch / stone
  • Fall Cleanups
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