Outdoor Landscape & Patio Design Services

With a well-designed outdoor landscape plan, we can transform your yard from ordinary to incredible. We currently service the greater SE Michigan Area. That includes Oakland County, Washington Township, Shelby Township, and more!

A great outdoor design is key to a great build.

As landscape design & build contractors, we offer detailed architectural outdoor design-build contracting, landscape construction plans, 3-D design concepts, and landscape design modeling services. While consultations are free, we charge for our custom landscaping and pool designs. A scaled drawing is required to quote each client’s project accurately. A design fee will be assessed at the initial consultation and correspond with the landscape project size.

Our Landscape Design Services Include the Following:

  • Landscape Design Plans: Our team of experienced landscape designers can create custom landscaping design plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We take into account the size and shape of your property, as well as your desired aesthetic, to create a landscape design that is both functional and beautiful.
  • Landscape Construction Plans: In addition to landscape design plans, we also offer landscape construction plans that provide a detailed blueprint for the landscape design installation. Our team will use the latest materials and techniques to ensure your design concept is installed correctly and built to last.
  • 3-D Design and Landscape Design Modeling Services: We use 3-D innovative design and modeling software in our design process to create realistic representations of our landscape designs. This can help you visualize the final result of the designs and make changes to the project design before the construction process begins.

Our architectural design process enables us to be completely transparent with our quote. They also guarantee that our quotes meet our client’s expectations. Each design and quote is carefully tailored to our customers' needs. Our pool and landscape design concepts enable our customers to envision our design ideas and help our design builders to execute the design and successfully build the vision into reality.

Why Choose THE A-TEAM?

From phone calls to concepts and design development, Antonelli Landscape believes that our landscape design concepts are just as important as our skills in the construction process. We are proud to be equipped with top designers in our industry, which is why we continue to be an award-winning design build company. Envisioning a landscaping idea requires a finely tuned skill level that is not acquired overnight, but is instilled over years of practice.

Our company has worked tirelessly to create the perfect design team, and our team is the sole reason for our success. The final puzzle piece is our skilled installation teams dedicated to the highest quality and workmanship possible. They are the ones who bring our landscape design creations to life!

How to Prepare For Your Landscape Design:

To better serve our customers, here are some of the things we may request at our initial consultation. These documents are helpful tools for creating the perfect landscape design, and will help ensure that our plans meet all city codes and requirements:

  1. Plot Plans/Mortgage Surveys
    • Understanding the Property: A plot plan can provide a landscape contractor with a clear understanding of the property they are working on. This includes the size of the property, its shape, and the location of essential features such as buildings, utilities, and property lines. This information allows our design-build contractor team to visualize the project and identify potential challenges.
    • Compliance with Regulations: Many municipalities have specific regulations and zoning requirements to be followed when modifying a property. A plot plan can help our design team ensure that they comply with these regulations. For example, it can show the location of setbacks, easements, and other zoning requirements that may impact the landscape design.
    • Planning and Design: A plot plan can be used as a base map for landscape design project planning. This allows our design build  team to accurately plan the placement of features such as patios, walkways, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and more outdoor living areas. Additionally, it can be used to plan the placement of trees, shrubs, flower beds, and other plants in a visually pleasing and functional way.
    • Communication: A plot plan can be valuable communication between the contractor, the client, and other stakeholders. It helps provide a visual representation of the project. It allows everyone involved to understand the project's scope and design ideas.
    • Estimating Costs: A plot plan can also be used to estimate the costs of the project more accurately. By knowing the size of the property and the location of features such as buildings and utilities, the design builders can accurately estimate the materials and labor required for the project.
  2. Topography Plans/Surveys
    • Site Analysis: Topography plans or surveys can provide a comprehensive site analysis for the landscape design contractors. This information helps the Antonelli Landscape understand the site's unique characteristics, including its soil composition, drainage patterns, and other natural and manufactured features that could impact the landscape design. Armed with this knowledge, the design team can develop a more effective design plan that maximizes the site's potential while minimizing potential challenges.
    • Accurate Design: The accuracy of a topography survey is crucial in developing a precise landscape design. The elevation and contour lines on a topography plan help our landscape design team to understand the land's natural slope, which can be important in determining the placement of features such as paving, retaining walls, terraces, and planting beds. The survey can also help to identify any existing drainage issues that could impact the success of the landscape design.
    • Cost Savings: By having accurate information about the site's topography, our design-build contractor can develop a design that works with the site's natural features rather than against them. This helps reduce the need for costly site preparation and excavation work that may be required if the Antonelli Landscape does not have access to a topography plan or survey.
    • Improved Communication: Topography plans or surveys can be valuable communication tools between the contractor, the client, and other stakeholders. The plan provides a visual representation of the site's physical features, making it easier for Antonelli Landscape to explain their design ideas to the client and for the client to understand the site's potential.
    • Compliance with Regulations: Many local authorities require submitting topography plans or surveys as part of the approval process for landscape design projects. The landscape design contractor can access a topography plan or survey to ensure their design complies with local regulations and zoning requirements.
  3. HOA Information and Regulations
    • Compliance with HOA regulations: By providing the landscape design company with information about the HOA regulations, the homeowner ensures that the work being done on their property complies with the rules and requirements set forth by the HOA. This can help avoid potential fines or other penalties for non-compliance.
    • Improved aesthetics: HOAs often have specific guidelines for landscaping and exterior design to create a cohesive and attractive appearance for the community. By providing the landscape design company with these guidelines, the homeowner can ensure that their property will be designed and maintained in a way that fits in with the overall aesthetic of the community.
    • Cost savings: In some cases, HOAs may offer incentives or rebates for homeowners who comply with certain regulations or make specific property improvements. The homeowner can take advantage of cost savings opportunities by providing the landscape design company with information about these incentives.
    • Increased property value: Homes within an HOA are often subject to specific standards of maintenance and upkeep. By ensuring that their property meets these standards, the homeowner can help maintain or even increase the value of their property over time.
    • Avoidance of conflicts: HOAs may have rules regarding noise, hours of operation, and other factors that could cause conflicts with neighbors. By providing the landscape design company with information about these rules, the homeowner can ensure that the work on their property will not cause any disturbances or conflicts with neighbors.

About the A-TEAM Designers

Our landscaping design company proudly offers our customers the talent and skill of our in-house landscape architects and landscape designers. The design team hails from various backgrounds, including Landscape Architecture programs from Michigan State and Ball State, Michigan Licensed Builder programs, and over seventy combined years of industry experience! Our landscape design team maintains involvement in Unilock training programs, the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI), and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

The greatest strength in our outdoor landscape design team here at Antonelli Landscape, is the collective collaboration approach to each landscape design and patio design project. We ensure that each of our clients has the total capacity and vision our team has to offer. We guarantee each client receives an impressive, innovative, and high-quality architectural landscape design.

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